The Orpheus Story

Orpheus is MIT ranked fintech. The company specializes in Indexing, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions for the financial services and other sectors. Backed by U.S. patent applications, the RMI® Indices are listed on a US Stock Exchange since 2014 and on Bloomberg. Orpheus Indices have consistently outperformed respective benchmarks at similar risk by a range of 3 to 5% annually. The RMI® methodology is based on ‘Data Universality’, which considers ‘Value’ and ‘Growth’ as statistical ideas rather than fundamental expressions. The methodology combines ‘Value’ and ‘Growth’ in a single investment style with different rebalancing periods. This makes it a unique methodology. Due to its design, the ‘Data Universality’ framework works across asset classes (equity, fixed income, commodities, currencies, and alternatives), Regions (America, Europe, Asia) and styles (active, passive, long-short, tactical etc.). Tralio™ built by Orpheus is a web application, which delivers research, analytics and portfolio solutions to a global audience.

Data Universality

While the world spends resources and time to make sense of information, it passes through stages of relevance and irrelevance. For more than half a century researchers have debated on intelligent systems that can make sense of this information. Nature is an example of an intelligent system, which selects relevant information and ignores the noise. Systems have common properties that are independent of their specific content. Data Universality is a commonality that governs a data set irrespective of its source of generation or derivation, an intelligence that defines the architecture of complexity, allowing the user to understand, anticipate and relate data intra-domain or inter-domains. Data Universality redefines anticipation (predictability) at a system level and connects industries and domain knowledge as never before. This allows the user to identify the relevant information, simplify the complex, understand the mechanism that generates uncertainty and hence manage the risk better.



Tralio™ is a research engine for the global investor who needs trend analysis, performance ranking and portfolio solutions. Tralio™ is also for analytics, queries, research and visuals. Finance is the first application for Tralio™. The platform will cover economics, demographics, sports, sentiments and other domains. The originality of Tralio™ is based on the premise of Data Universality™, which suggests that every natural variable like stock prices, sentiment data, economic numbers, temperature are all driven by statistical laws and share a commonality.

Orpheus RMI Indices

The Risk Management Indices® are based on a universal framework which considers markets as natural dynamic systems with both momentum and reversion forces acting across different holding periods. RMI® not only captures benefits of both growth and value factors in a dynamic, effective construct but also diversifies portfolio risk by generating a different return pattern by diversifying style factor.


  • Mukul Pal<br/><i>Founder</i>
    Mukul Pal
    Mukul Pal<br/><i>Founder</i>

    Mukul is from the MIT FinTech Class (’16). He has an MSc. Econometrics and Applied Statistics from UBB Romania and MBA Finance from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) Business School. He is a member of the American Statistical Association and a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) from the Market Technicians Association, New York. Mukul started his career as a lecturer of Finance and Economics at Institute for Management Development, India (‘99). He continued to work in the derivatives domain working for top Institutions like Bombay Stock Exchange, HDFC, and Edelweiss before starting Orpheus in 2005. Mukul is a ranked author on the Social Science Research Network and has a few filed patents on data innovation. His work on Mean Reversion Framework, Statistical Finance, and Architecture of Complexity has received global attention on the network. He has been invited to speak at Bombay Stock Exchange, Market Technicians Association, Thomson Reuters Conferences, TED, Princeton University, University of Chicago and other.


  • Sam Levin<br/><i>Director Global BizDev</i>
    Sam Levin
    Director Global BizDev
    Sam Levin<br/><i>Director Global BizDev</i>

    Sam has over 20 years of diverse investment management experience in equities and alternative assets like hedge funds and private equity. He was a co-founder at Redwood Grove Capital Management, where he worked as the director of trading. Redwood Grove’s principal line of business was investing in equity lines of credit and structured financial products. He later set up Avalon which invested in private equity opportunities in the US traded small-cap companies. In his role at Avalon, he structured more than $500 million of investments into over 100 US publicly traded companies. Before joining Orpheus, Sam was managing JAZ Capital Management, which focused on global currency arbitrage strategies. Sam is based out of New York and heads global business development for Orpheus.

  • Dan Marian Rusu<br/><i>Chief Technology Officer</i>
    Dan Marian Rusu
    Chief Technology Officer
    Dan Marian Rusu<br/><i>Chief Technology Officer</i>

    Dan is the technology brain behind Tralio by Orpheus. Dan has more than a decade of experience in managing technology teams for various global financial service companies. He oversees all technological aspects and provides solutions architecture for Tralio, which delivers data solutions, analytics and RMI Indices to global institutional clients. He leads a team of developers and system administrators who apply and scale new technologies for Tralio’s second phase cross-domain expansion. His project management experience along with his functional background equips him to lead Tralio to the global fin-tech stage. Currently, Dan is overseeing the integration of a machine-learning platform into the Tralio infrastructure.


  • Dr. Ionut Nistor<br/><i>Partner</i>
    Dr. Ionut Nistor
    Dr. Ionut Nistor<br/><i>Partner</i>

    Ionut has a decade-long experience as a professor of Corporate Finance, Public Finance and Behavioral Finance. He graduated the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration from UBB, Romania, completed his Ph.D. in Finance in 2006 followed by Postdoctoral studies from Kobe University, Japan in 2010. Ionut has authored many papers and a book on Behavioral Finance. He is fluent in Japanese, Romanian and English. He is associated with Orpheus since 2007 and continues to spearhead the company’s academic initiative.


  • Elena Hurjui<br/><i>Partner, Marketing</i>
    Elena Hurjui
    Partner, Marketing
    Elena Hurjui<br/><i>Partner, Marketing</i>

    Elena’s team at Heraldist & Wondermarks powers the digital marketing strategy for Tralio by Orpheus. Before joining Heraldist & Wondermarks, Elena led Coca-Cola Company’s advertising across Eastern European markets on behalf of McCann, as well as Coke’s sponsorship of the Sochi Olympics. Previously, Elena headed marketing communication activities for Pepsico and was awarded Grand Effie, world’s most important recognition for marketing excellence. She has 12 years of experience in advertising and held senior positions with major global agencies such as BBDO, McCann, Ogilvy or Publicis.


  • Cristina Rastei<br/><i>Head of Business</i>
    Cristina Rastei
    Head of Business
    Cristina Rastei<br/><i>Head of Business</i>

    Cristina is an MSc. from UBB, Romania. Her area of expertise includes Finance, Econometrics, and Statistics. She heads the business team bridging research and technology. The business team automates the offline research modeling processes. With a background in R Programming and passion for data, the business team under Cristina delivers RMI Smart Beta Indices, Customized Indices, Index Calculation and Maintenance Services to global Institutions. Cristina has led various successful projects at Orpheus including NASDAQ RMI Indices. She currently leads the Orpheus RMI™ listing initiatives across other frontier and emerging market exchanges.


  • Claudia Szanto<br/><i>Partner, Communications</i>
    Claudia Szanto
    Partner, Communications
    Claudia Szanto<br/><i>Partner, Communications</i>

    Claudia has 25 years of experience in public relations working with advertising agencies, such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Grey Worldwide, Young & Rubicam and Ogilvy Public Relations. She was felicitated multiple times with the PRCA Consumer Award, B2B Marketing Awards, Travel Marketing Awards, Magellan Awards, Spotlights Awards and Stevie Award. Claudia and her team drive the communications strategy for Orpheus.

  • Alexandra Anca Purcel<br/><i>Economist</i>
    Alexandra Anca Purcel
    Alexandra Anca Purcel<br/><i>Economist</i>

    Alexandra is an Economics graduate and MSc. Econometrics and Applied Statistics. She has worked as a Researcher at the Romanian Economic Institute, participated at various global economics conferences. Her focus areas are the Neoclassical Economic Models like the Solow-Swan Growth Model and its extensions. Her postgraduate thesis studied the impact of economic development on the environment using the Kuznets Curve. In her current role, she is applying the Data Universality idea to macro-economic data.


  • Dacian Jurj<br/><i>Physicist</i>
    Dacian Jurj
    Dacian Jurj<br/><i>Physicist</i>

    Dacian is a Physicist by training. He completed his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. His interest in phase change systems and complex networks got him interested in working with Orpheus. His bachelor thesis, “The Study of Embedded Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors for Automotive Electrical Propulsion” was judged as one of the best papers from Scientific Students Symposion-2015. His research interests in complex networks and dynamics systems come from his love for mathematics, physics and from his need to understand universal systems and the intelligence that drives them. Currently, he is working on the idea of preferential attachment and detachment in complex networks and how they can be applied in stock market systems.


  • Anna Keresztes<br/><i>Database Consultant</i>
    Anna Keresztes
    Database Consultant
    Anna Keresztes<br/><i>Database Consultant</i>

    Anna completed BSc. in Computer Science and is currently pursuing her MSc. studies in databases from UBB Romania. She is a seasoned C# and R programmer proficient in databases like PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MySQL. She is responsible for the performance, integrity and security of Tralio databases. She is also involved in the planning and development of the databases for both in-house quantitative research and global institutional users of Orpheus RMI Solutions.


  • Victor Tota<br/><i>Web Consultant</i>
    Victor Tota
    Web Consultant
    Victor Tota<br/><i>Web Consultant</i>

    Victor is a postgraduate in computer science and economics from UBB Romania. He is a web developer, in both front and back-end development. He works with HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, C#, MVC, PostgreSQL and Mongo Database. In his current role, he oversees the data visualization, design, development, and implementation of information delivery solutions for Tralio’s clients.


  • Horatiu Tocan<br/><i>Partner, Portfolio Analytics</i>
    Horatiu Tocan
    Partner, Portfolio Analytics
    Horatiu Tocan<br/><i>Partner, Portfolio Analytics</i>

    Horatiu graduated from the City University of New York (’03) with an MBA in Finance and Investments. He worked as a CFO for Stellae International NYC, a leading global logistics management company. Since 2007, he has been working as an independent private wealth manager. In his current role at Tralio, he is a part of the portfolio analytics team, which monitors the fundamental position of global equity market equity components for Tralio clients offering them research insights into Intermarket trends and fundamental research.


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